Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Let things be like they always was..."

Regarding Zinta Lundborg's article on Bloomberg.com, our lady of all things operatic, La Cieca, put it best; this article seems to have been written with A goose quill dipped in venom.

As with most things in the media, things might not always be what they seem. For an example, you needn't look any further than yesterday's The Drama Drop where someone left a comment in defense of Danielle de Niese's quote"We could not go on being elephants on stage." ... then signed the comment "dd".


If Miss Danielle's quote was taken out of context by the article that I referenced, I would gladly publish any comments that she would like to make in order to straighten the mess out. (Miss Danielle, send me an email!)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Bloomberg.com article is yet another scathing account of the goings-on at NY City Opera. Lundborg even goes so far as to criticize the new company logo [pictured above right]:
Appropriately, the company’s funereal new logo is a black circle, which evokes thoughts of the deficit or even oblivion.
There's more, friends. Read on ... Read on.

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