Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Denyce Graves-Montgomery, Congrats!!!

I was alerted by San Diego Opera's fantastic blog Aria Serious? that mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves was married yesterday to her beau of 4 years, Dr. Robert Montgomery.

Now, we all know that Ms. Graves has made quite a name for herself over the last 10+ years, but her new husband isn't exactly immune to the spotlight. According to the report in the Washington Post, Dr. Montgomery, the chief of transplant surgery at Johns Hopkins, has gained attention for his work with "kidney paired donations". This is when a donor who isn't compatible with the recipient he wants to help instead gives an organ to a stranger, in exchange for a kidney from the stranger's willing loved one. In another pioneering surgery that made headlines last winter, Montgomery's team was the first to remove a donor's kidney via her ... well, you'll have to check out the article to get the rest of the story.

Congratulations to Ms. Graves and Dr. Montgomery!

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