Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cecilia Bartoli wins $123K Music Prize

What can I say? I guess I must have had a sixth sense that this was going to happen when I selected Cecilia Bartoli as our subject in this week's A Favorite Clip. Hmmmm...

Cecilia Bartoli, the Italian mezzo-soprano that has developed what I like to call "machine gun coloratura", is the latest winner of Denmark's Sonning Music Prize and the $123K that goes with it.

In announcing Bartoli as this year's recipient of the award on Wednesday, the prize committee praised the 42-year-old singer, saying "her sound is unique, her technique unsurpassed … and her radiation like that of [opera icon Maria] Callas."

WAIT one hot minute. Not only did I pick Bartoli as this week's A Favorite Clip, but yesterday I posted Confessions of an Old School Diva which is a series of audio clips of Maria Callas discussing her life and career.

This is spooky. Either the Sonning price committee has been reading A Liberal's Libretto, or I really do have a sixth sense. But, I digress.

The Leonie Sonning Music Foundation, which administers the annual honor, called the singer a "great diva" of the contemporary music scene. Named after the widow of Danish editor Carl Johan Sonning, the Sonning Music Prize has been awarded annually since 1959 to honor an internationally celebrated composer, musician, conductor or singer.

Past recipients have included Daniel Barenboim, Mstislav Rostropovich, Leonard Bernstein, Birgit Nilsson, Miles Davis, Janet Baker and Igor Stravinsky.

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