Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Drama Drop -

* The lead drop this morning is news regarding Prima Donna, a much-anticipated first opera by singer/songwriter and cult favorite Rufus Wainwright. The news is that the opera will have a 2010 premiere, in French, at Luminato, Toronto's annual arts festival. Wainwright's opera was originally commissioned by the Met, but the Met backed out of producing it when Wainwright insisted to pen the opera in French, while Peter Gelb, the Met's General Manager, insisted the opera be in English. Prima Donna is the story of an "aging soprano in 1970s Paris", attempting a comeback and trying to vanquish the ghosts of her past. I know of one soprano, in particular, who not only lived in Paris, but also attempted a comeback in the '70s while trying to vanquish the ghosts that are said to have ruined her career. Is this little wink to Maria Callas? It wouldn't be the first time Wainwright borrowed the material of a lady-legend, Judy Garland. Let's not forget a certain Carnegie Hall concert.

* According to the BBC, a city has been chosen for the much anticipated Titanic museum. The £28m project will be in Southampton, which is where the liner set sail in 1912 on her maiden voyage. The best part, for those of us who get excited by historical stuff like this, is that the museum is set to feature a climb-aboard replica of the ship. Organizers hope to have the museum opened by the 100th anniversary of the day the ship sank - April 15, 1912.

* Opera Company of Philadelphia is closing a void left by the death of Jack Mulroney, who died in the fall of 2004, with the appointment of David B. Devan to fill Mulroney's post as executive director of the company. Since 2004, the executive director title has been held by Robert B. Driver, who was artistic director before Mulroney's death, and who will reassume that position now. Devan arrived at OCP in January 2006 as managing director, having been executive director of Pacific Opera Victoria for nine years. See the full story at The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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