Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Favorite Clip

I completely love surfing YouTube. So, how could I NOT share some of my favorites video clips? INTRODUCING: Another Favorite Clip. Now, for those who aren't of the operatic persuasion - I'll try not to hold it against you - don't worry, I'll be highlighting all sorts of clips here.

Now, to clip #1. This week, Jenn was catching up with Perez Hilton, when she found this little gem and was immediately blown away. It's raw footage of a Jennifer Hudson concert which held quite a surprise. The woman who created her breakout role of Effie White, was waiting in the wings. It seems by looking at this performance, that the olive branch had been extended. Perhaps the original Effie, Ms. Jennifer Holliday, no longer feels as she did in a 2006 Boston Globe article - "they had taken everything away from me, had ripped my legacy from me."

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