Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Drama Drop -

* Some people look to Calgon to take them away... A number of singers have pinpointed one of the major reasons they are drawn to perform onstage, as being able to give the public a situation into which they can escape. That's right - there is more than one way to find an escape from the day to day drama that life brings. It's not just on the television, in the bar, or by eating. For NPR, Marc Acito discusses his escape - opera.

* "The most expensive invention of man, second only to war"... NPR's All Things Considered touches on that which A Liberal's Libretto has touched on in previous posts. In this time of economic trouble, opera has been hit harder than other performing arts genres - like, uh, Broadway. Although let's not forget that Broadway uses a completely different income structure all together.

(R. Photo: L. Photo: Peter Gelb, the Metropolitan Opera's general manager - by: Dario Acosta / The Metropolitan Opera)

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