Monday, February 2, 2009

The Drama Drop -

*  Are Young Artist Programs a singer's purgatory?  It seems that the over abundance of programs, which offer cheap labor to some houses under the guise of a training program, are putting an end to opportunities for younger singers who don't necessarily need the hand-holding that most programs provide (or mandate).  Anne Midgette discusses this very issue in her Washington Post article - a must read for younger singers.

*  Today's "Who Cares?" award goes to.... Dave Itzkoff and the New York Times for reporting on Jennifer Hudson and Faith Hill singing with a recorded track.  It's a performance that is televised live from a stadium.  Have YOU ever tried to sing in a stadium?  It ain't easy.  Not to mention that it sounds like Ms. Hudson and Ms. Hill weren't exactly given a choice considering they were to have their recordings to the NFL a week in advance.  

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