Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Heart of Opera

Those of you who have read through the postings here at A Liberal's Libretto saw the inaugural posting in which I questioned the notion: "fat doesn't make noise". Well, not that I am about beating dead horses, but I certainly think it's a topic looking into.

Today, we need not look any further than our friendly neighborhood New York Times. Anthony Tommasini broached the subject very diplomatically in regards to Stephanie Blythe's first leading role at the Met - Orfeo. I know it's hard to believe, but until now, Ms. Blythe has only performed supporting roles at the Met: things like Fricka in Wagner’s Walk├╝re, Ulrica in Verdi’s Ballo in Maschera and Eduige in Handel’s Rodelinda.

I must make a comment, though. The pictures which accompany the article are really unfortunate. The choice in lighting makes Ms. Blythe look ... well ... you'll have to see for yourself.  

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