Friday, January 30, 2009

The Drama Drop -

It's Friday! That means that it's "take out the trash day" for the media - those The West Wing fans will know exactly what I mean. Friday is the day in which the media purges any and all irrelevant (or sometimes extremely relevant) news in hopes that it will get lost in the final news cycle of the work week. Have no fear! A Liberal's Libretto has separated the wheat from the chaff for today's Drama Drop:

* Everyone loves a great "artist saves the day" story... reports that heroic action may be a rarity in the world of classical music, but on Jan. 17 renowned pianist Christopher O'Riley performed an act of artistic bravery that many would have shied away from.  And it would seem, if he got his own page on, his publicist is doing his/her job.

* And, speaking of stories... We all have been to an opera or five in which the heroine bravely succumbs to consumption, stabbing, a broken heart or even by jumping off of the top of the Castel Sant'Angelo.  But what if our dear heroine expired by choking on a fish bone?  You may laugh, but all you need do is go to Paris Opera to see it happen.

* This takes the cake for possible overkill... Some of you may have seen my post about Michael Jackson's Thriller musical.  Well, just when you thought you'd seen it all, someone goes above and beyond.  In this case, is reporting on: Barack Obama "On My Mind" - a Barack Obama inspired musical hitting the stage in London.  Listen, I supported him from day one, I went to one of his rallies, I contributed money, I voted for him... but, an Obama Musical? Please stop!

* Finally... I am so pleased to see some press on these guys.  Having been on many an A or C trains in my day, I've seen some fantastic artistry at work in the form of break dancers who are able to work their magic inside a moving subway train.  If you think I'm joking - take a look at this NY Times article.

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Anonymous said...

I was in attendance of the O'Riley concert. He was stunning. Christofer truly knows the language of music. We the audience were 'spoken to' musically.

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