Monday, January 26, 2009

The Drama Drop -

*During a final rehearsal of COC's Fidelio, the tenor becomes quite disgusted by the Maestro.  It just so happens that the Maestro was singing the tenors lines out loud to him.  So, the tenor walks off the stage during the final scene.  No, seriously, it's a true story.

*"Don't let the door hit'cha..."-  Allegedly, there are no tears shed over the departure of Dallas Opera's George Steel.  Steel has left to take his post at New York City Opera.

*Someone please stop the bleeding!  More casualties of the current economy: Orlando Opera just announced that they will be cutting their full-time staff by 25%.  This is a serious symptom to a dramatic economic disease.  Of course, it isn't a secret that the Metropolitan Opera is also facing cuts in order to avoid a "disaster scenario".

*Really?  Seriously?  Why on earth would anyone put their time and energy into a musical based on Michael Jackson's Thriller

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