Thursday, October 23, 2008

Do what you love...

...and the money will follow.  How many times have we heard that one?  In my "Pollyanna-meets-The Secret" mind, I’d like to believe that’s true.  But, as many singers know, sometimes believing that it’s true is much easier said, than done.

For 5 years, I was treating singing as a hobby and was working full time for a Homebuilder.  Times were fantastic, we were selling homes faster than we could start them.  They were chocked full of the latest in upgrades and features, and we could get customers to pay any price we would name.  I enjoyed my job - but all the while I kept asking myself: “How can I transition back into doing what I love?”    

Then, in early 2006, we were forced by our parent company to merge with a sister builder.  What we were not told in the announcement of this merger was that our “parent” thought of us as the “Cinderella” and the sister builder as the “Step-Sisters” ... cue: the first round of lay-offs.  My friends, people with whom I had worked and shared our everyday lives with, were packing up their desks, saying good-bye, wishing me well.  “Keep singing!” a couple of them said through the tears.  

And so, I did.  I sang when time permitted.  I continued to work for the homebuilder.  It was easy.  It paid the bills.  It was stable - but all the while I kept asking myself: “How can I transition back into doing what I love?”    

You’d have to live in a bubble not to have seen the balloon that was the Real Estate market.  As the air started to seep faster and faster from the Real Estate balloon, the lay-offs became the norm, rather than the exception.  We always knew it was going to happen when management started hoarding boxes in their offices.  I kept showing up, working harder than ever to try to keep my job.  I was worried about the mortgage payment, the car note, the health insurance - but all the while I kept asking myself: “How can I transition back into doing what I love?”

Finally, on the fifth round of lay-offs, it was my turn.  My turn to pack up my desk, say good-bye and give my well wishes to those who were left.  My question was finally answered:  “THIS is how you can transition back into doing what you love!”

It’s been 8 months since that day.  I am doing what I love - singing as much as possible, finishing my Masters Degree, spending quality time with my family, blogging, working on my website, and preparing for what is waiting for me further down this path.  It hasn’t been easy, but I know in this "Pollyanna-meets-The Secret" mind of mine, that it will continue to work out because, as a very dear friend always says: I plan to have a brilliant life - I don’t apologize for that.  

Now, if I could just master the art of noticing the answer the first time.  

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